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Real Love Has No Opposite

By Yellowstar2000 @TherapeuticOils

Happy February!!

Just in time for the month of love….This beautiful post is a must read…….

Here’s a clip:

God is Love. Human beings were created from Love, in the image and likeness of Love. The world unfortunately turned away from Love Without Opposite and love became conditional, painful, hurtful, unsafe and so distorted that it is barely recognizable. The Source of Love, the Most High, our Creator, sent Love to earth to manifest in a human being to show us what Love really was. Those who were trying to use love to manipulate, control and receive secondary gain (give to get) tried to discredit Love and eventually killed Love so they could continue using love to for selfish gain at the expense of the human race.


read the rest of this awesome post here; Real Love Has No Opposite.

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