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Real Life Documentations Of Paranormal Activity

By Gerard @presurfer
Real Life Documentations Of Paranormal Activityimage credit
Including 'real' and 'paranormal' in the same sentence might start a whirlwind debate. By definition, the paranormal and parapsychology have wobbly footing within the scientific community. Fascination with the paranormal has experienced a revival in recent years, bringing big audiences to paranormal programming.
Belief in the paranormal is widespread. A 2005 Gallup survey showed that 42% believe in haunted houses, extrasensory perception (50%), demonic possession (41%), ghosts (38%), prophecy/clairvoyance (32%), spiritual healing (54%), reincarnation (25%), extraterrestrial visitations to earth (33%). So, as far-fetched as the realm of paranormal may seem, it is a very real part of our culture and belief system.The Presurfer

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