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Real Career Girls Featuring GLAMMA WINE: A Taste of Celebration

Posted on the 13 October 2015 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

Real Career Girls featuring GLAMMA WINE:  A Taste of Celebration

When sisters-in-law Linda Baltrusch and Stacy Waldenberg from the treasured state of Montana-who have been friends for 35 years-were in search of a unique gift idea to celebrate triumphs and milestones "in style" for women; little did they know it marked the beginnings of an entrepreneurial undertaking.

With a zeal for living the good life, these modern, stylish optimists, who always incorporate savory wines into their celebratory gatherings with friends and family, decided to create a line of their own. With an intention to represent their demographics, yet provide a product for women of all ages to enjoy, they took hold of a new name for "Grandma" with the term "Glamma" (defined by the Urban Dictionary as a woman with a sense of self and style) and thus was born the name, Glamma Wine.

Real Career Girls featuring GLAMMA WINE:  A Taste of Celebration

With no experience in the wine business, the company of two worked voraciously. They engaged in countless hours of researching, conversing with experts, and visiting wineries to learn the process of wine making from vineyards to bottling. The fact that women account for 85% of all consumer purchases was an endorsement to their decision to market their wine to the female market.

Complementing the "Glamma" name is the subtly seductive label donning a faceless caricature of mature sophistication. The clever image, cooperatively designed with a marketing company, caught the eye of a wine manufacturer from Paso Robles, California and the two entities partnered to create the Glamma Wine line.

Real Career Girls featuring GLAMMA WINE:  A Taste of Celebration

"It's a celebration in every glass," a perfectly fitting motto, displayed on every bottle. In less than two years, integrating the artistic, entertaining and intrinsic sensory aspects of wine taste with the factors that underlie purchase motivation, the two have made an imprint in the competitive industry offering four unique selections. The 2009 Cabernet entails a complex mix of aromatics and flavors with complex characteristics of licorice, dried strawberries, and black currant along with hints of clementine and vanilla. The 2013 Viognier, is a young rhone varietal consisting of fresh aromatics of lychee, pineapple, stone fruits, peach, and apricots. Then there's the shining 2013 Chardonnay. In it you'll taste apple and pineapple flavors with bits of nectarine and toasted hazelnut. And if you prefer your wine sparkling, Glamma Wine offers the Bubble Bling, a delicately fruity sensation with a smooth crisp finish. All are competitively priced between $20 and $24 per bottle.

Real Career Girls featuring GLAMMA WINE:  A Taste of Celebration

"Life is supposed to be good," hails Stacy, while concern makes its way into Linda's voice referring to Glamma Wine as a 'kind of therapy' for women that requires nothing more than to sip, savor and relax. The unique varieties are as much a perfect pairing for gals sharing special occasions as it is with delectable recipes, like the ones provided on the Glamma Wine website. Even with slogans like "Girls plus wine equal fabulous times," men are not excluded from the Glamma Wine experience. Linda explains that while men's approach to wine are different from that of women they, too, are enjoying the brand-particularly the Cabernet.

Characteristic of the wine trade, Linda and Stacy are hospitable and generous, embracing opportunities to sponsor fundraisers and other events such as: Family Service, Dress for Success, Boys & Girls Club, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Trailmixer, Bozerman Deaconess Foundation, Mayfair Hospital Foundation and Heart of the West Contemporary Western Art Show and Auction. On the horizon, the entrepreneurs are working to expand their brand to other gift ideas that complement Glamma Wine like designer drinking glasses, diamond studded wine stoppers and other trinkets that bring the glitz and glamour to any party.

Real Career Girls featuring GLAMMA WINE:  A Taste of Celebration

Stacy and Linda shared their advice for burgeoning female entrepreneurs with ideas to start a business. " Don't Look Back! Don't Give Up! Keep Pursuing Your Dream! " Understanding full well the uphill challenges that often confront women, who are parents, spouses and caretakers with careers; Glamma Wines' presence in the market is a testament to the adage that says all things are possible to those who believe.

When I asked about information they'd like to pass on to women with aspirations to enter the wine industry specifically, Stacy's feisty response came immediately. "Back off! The New Glammas are in town!" And Linda laughingly concurs, "Don't mess with us!" The cackling outburst is soon brought under control. In the momentary pause there is a sense of exhale; the relief and pride one feels with the accomplishment of an arrival. In their final remarks, they make evident their intention to stay in the ever-growing, competitive world of wine-making.

From birthdays to holidays-promotions, engagements and anniversaries in between-Linda (The GICF 'Glamma in charge of Fabulousness') and Stacy (The GICF 'Glamma in charge of Glambition') have created a memorable gift idea, of "feel-good" and celebratory proportions. As well they have positioned themselves among the ranks of other successful women entrepreneurs and laid a foundation for a future legacy. A toast to a vision successfully realized!

Glamma Wine may be purchased in retail stores in Montana and on line at Stay connected at and


Real Career Girls featuring GLAMMA WINE:  A Taste of Celebration

Jennifer Burton is a writer, TV producer, filmmaker and founder of ALEXZUS Media. She is the author of the Telham Park seriesn, contemporary fiction for teens. Jennifer advocates empowerment for women and girls through education and supports efforts working toward bridging the disenfranchised divide.

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