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Ready To Get Fit? Then, Seriously, Cut The Crap

Posted on the 31 January 2018 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

Ready To Get Fit?  Then, Seriously, Cut The Crap

While we are all well aware of our mortality, most of us don't want to hasten our day of reckoning. So millions of us say we're going to get fit, soon. We diet, or exercise, take supplements, or eat healthier food in an effort to achieve that goal. Apparently, we're not very good at our quest to get fit, because we start them over and over . . . and over.

What's causing us to repeatedly fail? It's partly our own doing, and partly that we've been victimized by the very industries that pretend to be watching out for us. Here's a quick look at how we're being duped.

Why You Don't Get Fit - Your Part

There are two things that appear on countless New Year's resolution lists. It's highly likely that at one time or another, losing weight/dieting, or getting fit/going to the gym, has been on your list of goals. Both are legitimate parts of a desire to have better health. While we know we're not going to live forever, we also want to get the most out of the time we're here.

Where it all goes wrong is that too often we want instant results. And that's an automatic sabotage to any diet or fitness plan. Couple that with no real change in behavior and you're never going to achieve and maintain the fitness and health you want.

The diet you've chosen to lose a few pounds or just feel better cannot be for a month or two. If you return to old way, you'll get the old results. And the same goes for physical fitness. Putting your body through months of "training" is pointless unless you adopt a base level of exercise that will maintain the higher level.

Ready To Get Fit?  Then, Seriously, Cut The Crap

And reality is that you didn't get in the shape you're in overnight. You're not going to get out overnight, either. So trips to the laser lipo huckster isn't going to give you the body you want tomorrow morning. You're going to have to endure the pain of making real changes to get real results.

More generally, remember that -

  • Direction is more important than speed. Gradual progress in the desired direction works.
  • What you do, or don't do, most of the time (and continually) outweighs what you do, or don't do, occasionally.

If you're really ready to commit to better diet, fitness, and health, make long-term commitments and permanent changes.

Why You Don't Get Fit - How You're The Victim

First, remember that knowing that your fitness efforts are being sabotaged doesn't excuse you from the things mentioned above. That said, it's time to heighten your awareness of the many ways even your best efforts are being derailed. Author Bobby Whisnand, in " Fitness Frauds," has a lifetime of professional experience, and pulls the veil off the perpetrators, including:

  • Fitness "equipment" that's designed to shrink your wallet as fast as (or faster) than your waistline.
  • Fad workouts that can do more harm than good.
  • Instructors and coaches with worthless "certifications."
  • Food labels that deceive you, even when "approved" by the FDA.
  • Dangerous drugs that might give short-term results, but at huge long-term costs to your health

If you're really ready, really serious about making positive changes and getting fit and healthier, you should get a copy of the book. If you're like me, the shock and anger you'll feel at Bobby's detailed expose will compel you to adopt better habits and finally achieve the health and fitness goals you've struggled with for so long.

Ready To Get Fit?  Then, Seriously, Cut The Crap


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Ready To Get Fit?  Then, Seriously, Cut The Crap

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