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Ready to Get Famous? Don't Miss This Blogging Resource Review

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger
I was going to write an entire opening about how I discovered Lisa and her blog,, and how timely that discovery was, but instead I'm just going to get straight to the review. However, instead of a traditional review where I tell you what the book is about and give you my thoughts on it, I'm simply going to document my experience and results. Read on. 
Ready to Get Famous? Don't Miss this Blogging Resource ReviewThe ebook Get Famous ROCKS! It is more than a book; it is a guide, a how-to manual, a reference that I now leave up on my computer's desktop most of the time! It is a must have resource for beginner AND experienced bloggers. I'm not getting paid to write this. I did get a complimentary copy of the book to review and I'll tell you what's happened since, after utilizing just a few, repeat: just a few out of the many tips in her book.
1. Exposure - My stats have gone from 1,500 views a month to around 2,400, my Twitter followers tripled in one week, my Alexa rank changed by 1 million in just a couple of weeks and my Klout score has jumped from 20 to 36. I'm still watching my Google Page Rank, but I switched from to my own .com during this time and it took me back down to 0. I was at 2 with blogspot, now I'm back up to 1.
2. I am getting pitched! Writers are asking to guest post on my blog and companies are pitching me! I've been contacted by several authors for book reviews and companies are emailing me to ask if I'll review their valuable products for giveaways! This just makes me giddy.
3. $$$ - When I examine strictly the paid posts from advertisers I've received, my monthly income from blogging has gone from between $0 and $20 to $30 and $100. If you add in the value of the products I've received, in just one month I've earned around $300.
4. Confidence - You can't pay for it, but it is something Lisa naturally inspires. Her "voice" is unique, uplifting and motivational. What she communicates throughout the book and every day in her blog is her belief in YOU. She makes others feel good about themselves. She's open, honest and funny! Her "can do anything" attitude has helped me gain the confidence to reach out to authors and businesses that I'm interested in working with, to approach parenting websites for pro-blogger jobs, to start (another!) new business (coming soon!) and take my own leap into self-publishing! Her typos inspired me to offer proofreading and polishing services (if you find any in her book it's because she was too eager to get it out to you to let me finish the final read-through! ;) and I've even started copy writing/editing for a local business woman!
5. Friendship - One of Lisa's tips is to reach out and comment on 5 blogs a day. Now, this might not seem like a big deal, but once you start actively doing this, you really can make some amazing friends! I've made one in Lisa and I'm not alone. She is one of the most supportive, genuine and helpful bloggers I've ever "met"  and you'll reap the rewards of her influence.
So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and GET FAMOUS!
***Disclaimer - Lisa doesn't guarantee results and neither do I. You get out of life what you put into it. The same goes for this excellent ebook!

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