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Read the 1st Paragraph Only If You Have a Strong Stomach

By Kmitrix @kmitrix
Read the 1st paragraph only if you have a strong stomach

Last night Harry’s high chair transformed into a vomitorium. He’s really phlegmy & he had just eaten some yogurt - since he had been swallowing phlegm all day and dairy doesn’t mix well with that, well it was a friggin fountain.

He’s fine, only cried because we made him stop eating while we cleaned him up…but even after a scrubbing with dishsoap last night this morning our highchair straps reek of day old yogurty vomit. (We put on a spare highchair cover).

The straps are not removable. I Febreezed the shit out of the straps this morning after breakfast. Any super parent cleaning tricks for this sitch? Because oh God the smell!

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