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Reaching out to International Visitors

Posted on the 27 June 2012 by Prepaidplans @prepaidplans

Whilst doing my weekly rounds of the main provider’s website this week, I came across a page on the Vodafone website dedicated to international visitors. What I found interesting here was that Vodafone seem to be the only provider that actually dedicate an entire page on their website for visitors. No other provider seems to do this.

This is the Vodafone international visitors page and as you would expect it steers the reader to Vodafone’s prepaid mobile range, in particular the All-time Plans. It also provides some guide for the types of phones you will require and the frequency you will need to reach to have your mobile phone work right whilst traveling in Australia.

All you need is an unlocked phone that is compatible with an Australian bandwidth frequency (that’s G900Mhz, G1800Mhz, U850MHz, U900MHz and U2100MHz).

So whilst there isn’t anything that spectacular about this page, the fact that it even exists is of interest to me. PrepaidPlans has been looking after this market for many years now. We provide some great options for those visting Australia and looking for a prepaid mobile plan whilst they travel around the country, visiting both major cities and rural areas.

Check out the international visitors page.

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