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Re-visiting Vegetarianism

Posted on the 24 August 2012 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

Re-visiting VegetarianismFor a while we have been making only one meal a week with meat, to help financially and environmentally.  I kept telling myself this was good enough, but really deep down, I knew I was just in denial.  It still felt like too much meat, too many resources used, etc.  I kept thinking we should reduce it, but was feeling lazy and enjoying the meaty treats.

Then we had a Bacon Feast with some friends.  It consisted of devouring as much bacon as we could.  While it was delicious because bacon is delicious; I haven’t really wanted meat since.  So I began to think what the next step should be.  I was a vegetarian in college, so I know I could do it again.  But I  did not eat very healthily at that time; macaroni and cheese was a big item then.
Yet I decided it is high time to become a vegetarian again.  From now on we will only have the occasional fish meal in our house.  We still have some meat in the freezer to get through, but after that no more.  If we are vacationing, visiting family, eating out (on the rare occasion) or at a friends and meat is the only option, then that is acceptable.  I am big on indulging every so often (be it meat or dessert) because I feel when you withhold yourself too much you are more likely to cheat.  The big thing is no more meat in the house.

I feel even more secure in my decision after reading Gristle a book of several short essays about our food system.  The book focuses on the current factory farm meat industry and the many issues that arise from it.  It is reconfirmed why I originally became a vegetarian.  Even if your meat comes from a reputable source, it still uses an abundance of resources and impacts the environment.  I am glad I have finally reached a decision.  It is not fun having mixed messages in my head and being in food limbo.  I am also excited to expand this into teaching my son Leland about his food choices.  It is good to be intentional in your choices and not just eat what is easy and convenient.  Food sustains you.  You should make it worthy of your body.

Here is to a new food journey.  Care to join me?

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