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*Re-invent Your Jewellery*

By Dottydolly @jadearchibald1
*Re-invent your Jewellery**Re-invent your Jewellery*
Hello girlies, i've just got a quick little post for you today! Basically, i've been trying to find new ways to 're-invent' my jewelry. In other terms, I'm bored of what I've got and want to make it into something new! This idea came about when i was going through my rings a while back! I found myself with many pretty rings, but the majority were too small as i'd had them since a little girl. Being a sentimental person myself, i just couldn't get rid of them. So when i came across an empty chain on my jewelry hook my inner 'not so' genius struck and this Is what i ended up with - A pretty new necklace stacked full of rings and charms! Love it. Please ignore Hermione too, i was trying to get a shot of the necklace hanging, but she found it far to entertaining and has once again found herself looking pretty on a blog post - What is she like?
Do you have any other ideas or tips to 're-invent' your jewellery? I hope you all have a lovely weekend! x x x

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