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Ray Shero Gives Dan Bylsma a 2 Year Contract Extension

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
Last night, "Disco" Dan Bylsma and Ray "The Evil Genius" Shero were seen hanging out together at the NKOTB concert.
Today, Ray Shero's end-of-season press conference. He stated that the coaching staff will remain, and Bylsma will be getting a 2 year extension. After talking over with ownership, they are "100% behind the decision to retain the coaching staff." He likes how Dan handled the team, and while he does concede that there are things that Dan Bylsma and the staff needs to get better at, he said "He's my coach, and I believe in him."
When asked about the moves he made at the trade deadline, he said that while the ending was disappointing ("definitely not what we had hoped for"), the impact that the veterans brought to the younger players both on and off the ice was noticeable and invaluable.
When asked about Fleury's problems in the playoffs and whether or not he still sees him as the franchise goaltender, Shero said that this year was the best goal tending that they've had in a while. He talked about Vokoun's veteran leadership and positive influence, and that Flower's relationship with him is excellent. He said making the change to Vokoun in the playoffs was something that he approved of 100%, and it was a change that needed to be made for the good of the team. "Tomas is the perfect guy for what we have going on here." He said he talked to MAF and told him that he's not getting rid of him, and told him what he expects him to work on over the summer. He will have a new goalie coach. "I cannot get rid of a goaltender that wins 40 games a year. I think there's a misconception that we lost faith in Fleury in the playoffs. Vokoun was playing excellent, and Fleury understood that and was was fine with the move. The positive is we have two really good goaltenders, and they will both be back with us next year."
Someone mentioned to Shero that coaches have been fired for less things, yet they are retaining Bylsma (referring to his playoff woes.) Shero mentions that there are coaches out there like Babcock, who don't always get there (Cup Finals), but still do a great job, and if he feels that the team would be better off moving forward with another coach he would make the move. He says that he is going to "stick with what he feels is right."

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