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Raw Recap – August 15th 2022

By Newguy

Raw Recap – August 15th

Live from Washington DC

The show kicks off with The Judgement Day claiming they run Monday Night Raw. They brag about taking out the Mysterios and gloating about how they will destroy Edge next week. Rey Mysterio attacks Judgement Day, leading to a showdown with Rhea, asking the question will he hit her or not. It doesn’t take long before the numbers get to Rey who is left lying in the ring.

Match One – Asuka & Alexa Bliss vs Doudrop & Nikki ASH

Raw Recap – August 15th 2022
Raw Recap – August 15th 2022

This is Raw’s second first-round match in the women’s tag team championship tournament, with the winner facing Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai. In what is a typical heel versus face match, where the heels control most of the match and the hot tag leads to the victory.

Winners – Alexa Bliss & Asuka

Post-Match there is a showdown between Bayley, Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai and Asuka, Alexa Bliss and Bianca Belair.

Theory is back and still holding his Money in the Bank briefcase. Interrupted by Dolph Ziggler claiming he earnt it in the past before Theory calls Ziggler over the hill. The two continue to brawl through the back needing to be separated.

Recap of Ciampa vs Lashley, as Ciampa promises to win his next title match, continuing to build the unlikely friendship they have.

Match Two – Ciampa & The Miz vs Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali

In a long match, we see the high-flying style clash with the slow style. Where Ciampa continues to shine.

Winners – Ciampa & The Miz

Recap of Kevin Owens attack on Ezekiel, where his family is by his side.

Drew McIntyre has arrived, with chaos happening behind the scenes. Drew continues to dig at Roman’s new part-time schedule. Rolling out dream matches. Kevin Owens isn’t happy his name wasn’t mentioned, Owens unleashes a passionate promo about why he is now taking things more seriously again. The passion from both men is unleashed, leading to a match.

Match Three – Kevin Owens vs Drew McIntyre

In a big physical match between two brawlers, Kevin Owens shows his prizefighter persona coming back out, dominating the number one contender. In what is a brilliant match between the two, ends in DQ, when the Usos attack Drew McIntyre.

Winner – Drew McIntyre (DQ)

Raw Recap – August 15th 2022
Raw Recap – August 15th 2022

Recap of Seth Rollins’s attacks on Riddle before his exclusive interview with Riddle. Seth Rollins is here to listen to what Riddle has to say. Riddle keeps it simple, he is medically cleared, with Rollins promising to get the better Riddle once again. Riddle surprises Rollins by being in the arena, coming out for another brawl between the two.

Match Four – Veer Mahaan vs Beaux Keller

In what is designed as a squash match, the local talent uses his speed early on before Veer throws him around like a ragdoll.

Winner – Veer Mahaan

Dakota Kai gives an interview about her first single matches, with Bayley and Iyo Sky backing her up.

Match Five – US Title Match Bobby Lashley © vs AJ Styles
Raw Recap – August 15th 2022
Raw Recap – August 15th 2022

In another match that focuses on speed versus power, the two legends of the industry put on the type of match we know they can. The Miz and Ciampa come to ringside to watch, after previously being unhappy about Styles getting the match. The mysterious hooded man (Dexter Lumis) arrives to distract the Miz who wants to take a cheap shot at AJ Styles.

Winner – Bobby Lashley

Match Six – Dakota Kai vs Dana Brooke

Dakota Kai gets the easier first match on raw, showing off her striking skills and taking the match a lot easier than she should.

Winner – Dakota Kai

Match Seven – Theory vs Dolph Ziggler

In a match between two amazing workhorses, we see the flare between the two in a strange main event.

Winner – Theory

The end 30 minutes or so of the show, did feel like filler, which is a shame because the rest of the show featured great matches and two main event cailbre matches.

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