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Rav Zilbershtein's Sequel for Yom Kippur Night

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Mah Nishtana on the porches was such a resounding success (not quite sure how that is measured) this past Pesach under full lockdown that Rav Zilbershtein is going for the sequel. Or maybe the third in a series (though the sequel, the porch shofar blowing at 11am, was not his).
Kikar is reporting that Rav Zilbershtein called for adults and children to go out on their porches and in the streets on Yom Kippur night after saying Kol Nidre and before saying the Maariv services, and call out "Shema Yisrael...", "Baruch Shem kvod..", "Hashem Melech, hashem malach..", and "Avinu Malkeinu M'na mageifa m'nachlatecha".
Rav Zilbershtein explains that the gemara says that the Kohen Gadol would call out "Ana hashem" on Yom Kippur in the mikdash, and his voice would be heard all the way to Jericho. We don't have a kohen gadol today, Rav Zilbershtein says, but we can go out together to the streets and say these verses (stated above). Our voices may not carry all the way to Jericho but it will definitely make it all the way up to the Heavens and it will cause those far away to come and crown the King, and in that merit the palgue should be stopped.
Let's hope.
I was thinking that this is different than Mah Nishtana by Pesach. that was to help those conducting the seder alone, the elderly mostly, and encourage them that they are not alone. This is nice, but it isn't for other people really. Then I saw a notice abotu it and the explanation given is that this would help many who cant go to shul have the traditional kabbalas ol malchus shamayim - the acceptance of the yoke of heaven. So it really is similar. It is not just between each person and God, but is there to help other people.
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