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Raspberry Zinger Fragrance Oil

By Ngscents @ngscents

Natures Garden's Rasberry Zinger Fragrance OilRaspberry Zinger Fragrance Oil- Fragrance Oil Spotlight

A yummy and delicious smelling sweet treat for your products, Natures Garden’s Raspberry Zinger Fragrance Oil is almost too luscious to pass up.  This perfectly balanced fragrance oil of creamy coconut, raspberry, and buttercream is a delectable addition to body care products or home scenting items.  An amazing duplication of the scrumptious dessert, Raspberry Zinger is a cream of the crop scent when it comes to bakery aromas.

What does Raspberry Zinger Smell Like?

Ever eaten a Hostess Raspberry Cream filled Zinger? Well, this fragrance oil by Natures Garden is the duplication of the aroma. This wonderful creative scent begins with sweet raspberry and toasted coconut, middle notes of buttercream frosting, and bottom notes of freshly baked yellow sponge cake. Makes you very hungry! A Best Seller!  An NG Original!

How Do Our Customers Use Raspberry Zinger Fragrance Oil?

For those of you that are candle crafters; our customers use this fragrance oil in their 100% Soy, Pillar of Bliss, parasoy, paraffin, WOW, and Joy wax candles.  This scent is amazing in candles, and has a fantastic hot and cold scent throw.  Raspberry Zinger fragrance also works well in room sprays, and tart and oil burners.

For bath and body crafters, this fragrance oil is quite a treat.  The usage rate is 5%, and is used to make: body scrubs, perfumes, bath bombs, melt and pour soaps, lotions, bath gels, whipped body butters, body creams, and spray lotions.  Finally, for those of you that are cold process soapers, here are the official testing results:  Some acceleration, no ricing.  Good scent.  Smells just like the real thing.  Discolors to a chocolate color.

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