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  • Yakity-Yak: 60 Years Of Teeth That Talk Back

    Yakity-Yak: Years Teeth That Talk Back

    image credit In the 1940s, toy inventor Eddie Goldfarb saw an ad for a false-teeth holder called a 'Tooth Garage' and he started cracking up. In his head, he... Read more

    The 26 October 2011 by   Gerard
  • 'Alien' Captured On Film In The Amazon Rainforest

    'Alien' Captured Film Amazon Rainforest

    A picture, taken from video footage, which purportedly shows an alien lurking in the Amazon, shows an unidentified being standing with its back arched a few fee... Read more

    The 25 October 2011 by   Gerard
  • MC Hammer Announces His Own Search Engine

    Hammer Announces Search Engine

    It sounds like a joke, but it's not. MC Hammer, the rapper and businessman, has announced WireDoo, a new search engine focused on 'deep search' and relational... Read more

    The 23 October 2011 by   Gerard
  • A Cafe That Sits Right On The Borderline Between Belgium And The Netherlands

    Cafe That Sits Right Borderline Between Belgium Netherlands

    image credit There are 22 Belgian exclaves in the Netherlands and 6 Dutch exclaves located within the largest Belgian exclave. Such land distribution results i... Read more

    The 20 October 2011 by   Gerard
  • The Interactive Crappy Piano

    Interactive Crappy Piano

    Wow! This really is a crappy piano. Play it and you'll see why. (via Dark Roasted Blend)The Presurfer Read more

    The 20 October 2011 by   Gerard
  • Letter 'G' Goes Missing At World Scrabble Championships

    Letter Goes Missing World Scrabble Championships

    At this year's World Scrabble Championships a competitor demanded his opponent be strip-searched after the disappearance of a letter 'G'. Furious Chollapat... Read more

    The 19 October 2011 by   Gerard
  • Quantum Levitation

    A demo from the Tel-Aviv University with quantum superconductors locked in a magnetic field. They are suspending a superconducting disc above or below a set of... Read more

    The 19 October 2011 by   Gerard
  • The Origin Of Frankenstein

    Origin Frankenstein

    image credit The original Frankenstein's monster wasn't Boris Karloff. It was a character created by a 19-year-old author named Mary Shelley... more than 190... Read more

    The 18 October 2011 by   Gerard
  • 10 Richest Criminals Of All Time

    Richest Criminals Time

    image credit Anyone who says crime doesn't pay should take a look at these men and women. This collection of bank robbers, drug dealers, crime lords and genera... Read more

    The 16 October 2011 by   Gerard
  • Instant Snow In A Can

    Instant Snow

    Let it snow, let it snow... let it snow! Did you know that winter fun is just 3 easy steps away? You just pop open the can, sprinkle the snow, add a little wate... Read more

    The 15 October 2011 by   Gerard

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