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  • Facts In Photos

    Facts Photos

    U.S. poet, essayist, and lecturer Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: 'A man is the whole encyclopedia of facts.' Here's a collection of funny facts. Take a look at... Read more

    The 07 November 2011 by   Gerard
  • 15 Patron Saints For Modern Situations

    Patron Saints Modern Situations

    image credit On November 1, the Catholic Church celebrated the Solemnity of All Saints, often referred to as All Saints' Day or All Hallows (hence October 31 i... Read more

    The 05 November 2011 by   Gerard
  • Do A Barrel Roll

    Barrel Roll

    image credit Here's something that's all over the Internet by now. Go to Google.com and type 'do a barrel roll'.The Presurfer Read more

    The 04 November 2011 by   Gerard
  • 7 Billion


    The global population is expected to reach 7 billion today, just 12 years after hitting 6 billion. How much is 7 billion? Seven billion seconds ago, the year... Read more

    The 31 October 2011 by   Gerard
  • The Hidden Haunted History Of 7 American Landmarks

    Hidden Haunted History American Landmarks

    image credit The stories of presidential ghosts in the White House are pretty well known. But plenty of other landmarks have their own ghost stories. What... Read more

    The 30 October 2011 by   Gerard
  • I’m Shiteen and I Always Come First.

    Shiteen Always Come First.

    This should satisfy anyone craving a tasteless video. Shiteen/S#&!head sings about her immunization to AIDs, being a bad girl, how she doesn’t believe in... Read more

    The 29 October 2011 by   Bestfunnyblog
  • 14 Punctuation Marks That You Never Knew Existed

    Punctuation Marks That Never Knew Existed

    Do you know what a solis is, or a asterism, a sheffer stroke, an interrobang? They are punctuation marks you never knew existed.The Presurfer Read more

    The 28 October 2011 by   Gerard
  • 6 Bizarre Alien-Looking Life Forms

    Bizarre Alien-Looking Life Forms

    image credit Life, in all its varied forms, can be described in many ways. 'Astounding', 'beautiful' and 'majestic' are just a few of the words that spring to... Read more

    The 27 October 2011 by   Gerard
  • Three Ways To Drive Away Annoying Trick-Or-Treaters On Halloween

    Three Ways Drive Away Annoying Trick-Or-Treaters Halloween

    image credit Whether you're an old grump with no Halloween spirit or you have a baby with an early bedtime, there are any number of reasons you could want to... Read more

    The 27 October 2011 by   Gerard
  • Bedtime Calculator

    Bedtime Calculator

    The average adult human takes fourteen minutes to fall asleep. Sleep cycles typically last 90 minutes. Waking up in the middle of a sleep cycle leaves you... Read more

    The 26 October 2011 by   Gerard

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