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Random Wednesdays | #WalkingDead in #Wedges

By Girlratesworld @girlratesworld

Kim Kardashian’s MET dress was florrible!
(Horrible + Floral = Florrible). I couldn’t stop laughing although I know it’s not right. But it’s so darn funny. She’s in desperate need of a maternity stylist. What would make her wear a dress made from the fabric of a 1970s couch? It was not the least bit flattering. #SorryKK

Death by wedge
And the suspect – an etsy bitsy pebble. I’m a sucker for a cork or straw wedge especially during the summer. Then I met my perfect enemy. An unsuspecting pebble as I walked through the parking lot. Ankle twist. Knee buckle. Then…bam! But just like riding a bike, I pick myself up, dust off and continue to “work it.” Finding the right shoes that are cute and good to walk in can be hard. Check out sites like to help understand your feet. Then you can find shoes that work best for you.  #WedgeWearer4Life

Random Wednesdays | #WalkingDead in #Wedges

“Nicki, is that pink friday on your toes?”

MAC All That Glitters Eye Shadow
This is one love affair that never seems to grow old or cold. After several years and many eyeshadows I still find myself reaching for her. It is one of the most beautiful eyeshadows ever created by MAC in my opinion. Just sweep a little over your eyelids and follow up with mascara. Instant beautification! #AllThatGlittersRocks

Walking Dead-ly
I’ve been avoiding the Walking Dead epidemic like the plague. I try everything in my powers to avoid “the bandwagon” especially when it comes to these vampire and zombie TV shows. But then there was a boring Saturday evening, Netfix, and my remote. Now I’m hooked. I finished all 3 seasons in 2 weeks! Note: There’s some a lot of shame in that statement. Either I need a life or this show is just addicting. #WalkingDeadIsCrack

Random Wednesdays | #WalkingDead in #Wedges

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