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Random Wednesdays | #Hairy #BareNails and #Bumpy

By Girlratesworld @girlratesworld

A villain enters…
I know. This week’s title sounds like the intro for an insidious villain. But it actually sums up how I’ve been feeling the last 2 weeks or so. Blah! Send your prayers on up — I’d really appreciate it. I really need to shake off the funk that I’m in. I did find myself with a bad (but good) case of the chuckles after looking at these hilarious photos. I’m posting  one of my favorites below. Definitely worth checking out! #WYSIWYG

Random Wednesdays | #Hairy #BareNails and #Bumpy

Bumps Bumps Go Away
I’ve been blaming my breakout on a high dose of Christmas chaos. But here we are…at the start of summer….and my face still looks like a Chips Ahoy cookie. Argggg. The frustration! I’m considering Proactiv which I used for a while in high school or maybe something from the Rodan + Fields line. At this point, I really need something with medical grade strength. #NeedAnAcneSlayer

Bare Nails Don’t Care
I cut my beauty budget in half 2 months ago. Since then I have not purchased a single nail polish. And now I’m in withdrawal. Regardless of the tons (I really mean tons) of nail polish I already have, I have a huge urge to buy something new. I may check out something from the latest OPI Minnie collection or even Essie DJ Play My Song collection. I’m really searching for that one shade that will…well, help me continue to ignore the ton I already have. #byebyeBareNailz

Keep in Touch
Google Reader is going away soon and I want to make sure you are still getting the latest posts. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter - I promise not to spam you. There’s facebook too – check out the GirlRatesWorld fan page.  Then there’s Twitter, @girlratesworld. I trully hope you all enjoyed Memorial Day. I almost missed random wednesdays because of Monday being a holiday. Good thing is…only 2 mo’ days to Friday. #KIT

Random Wednesdays | #Hairy #BareNails and #Bumpy

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