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Random Thoughts Working on Designer Genes

Posted on the 25 February 2013 by Steveonline @steve_online

creativity Random thoughts working on Designer Genes

Everything I don’t know about Gaming is what makes it fun.

That’s my approach with Designer Genes and really in many ways my approach in life. If I don’t know about something I would much rather experience it firsthand on my own opposed to reading about it on the ‘net or having someone tell me in their own jaded opinion why something might completely suck.

creativity Random thoughts working on Designer Genes
I learn from my own mistakes, not yours.

Maybe your mistake is going to my by saving grace within the framework I’m developing. That’s why I hate using the norm and looking at other projects. I would rather focus time, energy, and creativity into what I’m doing here opposed to researching item X and then telling myself why that will or will not work.

Analyze my own work, not others.

This goes with the last comment re: looking at other games. I don’t, at all. Sure I have played some over the years that are in the same genre and even have a box of cards from various games I’ve played. They have no bearing or application in what I’m trying to do though so for me and my work habits, they are irrelevant. There is huge competition in the marketplace and it’s probably past it’s highest peaks but to me that just makes the challenge that much more fun. I need to spend time ripping my own work apart from all perspectives and making a mockery of it so I can put it all back together better and stronger than before.

How do YOU engage the player?

That’s a huge piece of the overall puzzle for me. How do I engage you to be interested. To want to play. To want to play AGAIN. To want to devote your personal time in strategy and gamesmanship. It’s something I struggle with daily when it comes to balance, action, and even the adventure of the game itself.

Creativity every step of the way.

This is something else that I really try to embed into my work. Whether it’s for Designer Genes or my day to day life. Creativity is what sets you apart, it is what defines you. Hey another card game. Whoop-de-doo. Right? Wrong! That’s to me where creativity comes to play and is where you take the naysayer and make them a brand champion for your game. With the Internet as your co-pilot it’s never been easier to get the word out on your ideas so why not just go for it and put your best and most creative foot forward.


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