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Random Thoughts on Make-up Clutter

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
It occurred to me recently, when I was decluttering my make-up drawer, that all of the excess products I have are preventing me using the things that I love.

It was something I saw on The Minimalists Instagram that turned a lightbulb on for me. They said that they wear their favorite clothes every day. I don't wear my favorite make-up every day because I have so many products and clutter, which means I'm missing out on using the things that I love. 

I have a drawer that I put all my daily use products in. It was so full I couldn't find what I wanted to use and couldn't fit anything else into it. In desperation I put the products that I use every day in a make-up pouch so that I could find them.

Random thoughts on make-up clutter

So much clutter

After using only those products for a few weeks it dawned on me that I don't even look at anything else in the drawer. On the weekend I pulled 90% of the products out  and put them away. Now I can see what's in there, I can get to the products I want and it feels so much better. Looking at the photo, there are still products that I don't love, so a further declutter is needed. 

I don't see the point in using products I don't love just to finish them. I decluttered a Chanel eye liner yesterday because it's nowhere near as nice as my Essence eye liner. I considered keeping it because it's expensive, but what's the point? I don't like using it, better to give it to someone who'll appreciate it and get myself another Essence liner.

Random thoughts on make-up clutter

Much better but still too full

Next up will be a big declutter of my entire collection. I've decluttered before, but then continued shopping, so it was pointless. This time I'm aiming to only keep things that I love and not buy any more unnecessary products! This time around I'll find that easier because there is limited shopping down here and not a great choice of natural, organic make-up. The choices I do have access to aren't cheap, which always makes me think twice. Plus, as I keep on saying, I have way too many products!

Shopping is a habit for me. It's a stress relief and pure habit. When I'm out I always browse the make-up aisle, not because I need anything, but because it's just what I do. If I'm stressed I shop. When I'm unhappy I shop. Funny enough, whilst shopping makes me happy, it only works for a little while then I'm back to being stressed. I do it because it's doing something just for me, which happens so rarely now that I have children. 
I've been pondering long and hard about what I can replace shopping with and I've finally come up with a solution. Coffee. When I'm stressed or want to do something just for me, I'll buy a coffee. We have a coffee machine so I rarely buy myself a coffee, buying coffee feels like a treat and it's something just for me. It also costs a lot less and doesn't clutter up my house. I'll just have to remember to leave my travel mug in the car. I have three so it won't be a problem.
 Are you trying to reduce your collection? How's it going? Any tips for me?

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