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Random Ramblings About Natural Child Birth

By Earthseamama @earthseamama
Natural Unmedicated Birth...yea I had one. And so did MANY other women so it is really nothing to brag about. Its how most births should happen...but because of all the advancements in medicine natural child births are not the norm any more. It breaks my heart that so many Mothers don't know that they have any other option than to give birth in a hospital with a doctor. I understand in some situations medical interventions are necessary and doctors are wonderful when you have medical emergency's...but BIRTH is not always a medical emergency.
How you give birth should be you're decision. You do have options. We chose to have our son with a Midwife attending in a hospital. I could have had a home birth...but since it was my first baby I was a little nervous so we decided the hospital would be the best place for our son to be born. When we are ready to have another child we will not have as many choices as we did here in the city. We are moving to a different province that does have government funded midwifery care...but it is only in the city 2 hours from where we will be living so that will not be an option. It will be a few years before we are ready for another baby so I am hoping that the province gets its act together and funds more midwifery practices. If not...then I will hire a Doula and have a hospital birth, I will make it VERY clear to the doctors I do not want any unnecessary interventions, I will not be separated from my baby unless medically necessary and I will be leaving the hospital as soon as I am legally allowed. 
I have read lots about unassisted child birth and I am just not willing to take those risks. I am hoping when the time comes for baby #2 that I will have a quick labor and easy birth since my first labor was only 6 hours with 27 minutes pushing I am pretty confident that as long as I have a healthy normal pregnancy I could achieve another natural birth. 
Since I found out I was pregnant with Baby F I have learned so much about pregnancy & birth and my personal experience has inspired me. Someday when my children are grown I want to become a certified Doula so that I can help other women have more pleasant birth experiences. 
LOL I know I posted last night that I would not be posting much because we are moving across country next week but all I can think about is the move and I can not sleep for the life of me so here I sit at 12:30am with Baby F in the Moby wrap rambling my thoughts for you to read.

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