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By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom

Here are absolutely 10 random things, that came in to my head this morning, while I couldn't decide what to write in this post: 

- The only time I remember writing a Valentine's Day Post on the blog is here.

- Heli is the best assistant I could have ever asked for.
- I must be the world's biggest procrastinator.
- I am excited about the One Billion Rising.
- I cannot wait for the coming weekend. She is coming to visit me.
- I am glad the sun it out this morning.
I am happy. RIGHT NOW.
This is the 7th time I am wearing thiswhite blazer on the blogin 9 months
- What should I cook today? Or should we just eat out?
- I better to get my a$$ moving and get on with my day
P.S. This is not a tag, but should you wish you take it up, I won't sue you for plagiarism. JUST SAYING! ;)



Sweater - ASOS [12'] Click here to see how I wore this sweater the last time.
Blazer - UO [12']
Skirt - J.Crew [11']
Boots - Steve Madden [10']
Necklace - Crazy & Co. [12']

On my lips - Gulabi via MAC

On my eyes - master drama by Maybelline

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