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Random Facts About Me

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
In the interest of getting to know me better I thought I'd post some random facts about myself.
I have an intense hatred of getting my bag checked when I leave a shop. I hate it so much that I'll buy something at any stores who do bag checks, just to avoid having my bag checked. In my opinion it's a huge invasion of privacy and I doubt that it'd stop anyone stealing, cause let's face it, all you'd have to do is put the item in your pocket or at the bottom of your bag and they wouldn't know. 
I hate the sound of people chewing. I hate it so much that I can't listen to it, I have to either leave the room or block my ears. It drives me crazy!
I have three tattoos. If they made semi permanent tattoos that lasted for a few years, I'd have a lot more tattoos!

Even before I had a child I always planned to be a stay at home mom. I don't feel any guilt about Tiger being the breadwinner or that I should contribute financially, my job is looking after Chai and that's what I'm doing.  

I also don't care about my career. I loved my job but I feel no remorse at leaving it behind.

Years ago I did a speed reading course and found out that I read really fast. I was reading faster at the start of the course than everyone else was reading at the end of the course. The trainers told me there was no point me doing the course because I could already read so fast. 

Whenever I go food shopping I take the shopping list with me but never look at it. I have no idea why I do this, but I always do. Silly.
I enjoy cooking but hate cooking sausages.
When I was 11 years old my music teacher told me I would be a very famous singer if I had voice lessons. I refused to sing after that because I didn't want to be famous. I still don't want to be famous. 
That's enough random facts about me. If anyone else does a post like this, please post the link below so I can read all your random things. 

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