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Random Facts

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers,
I thought I would join the band wagon! These are the random facts about me.
Random FactsSo I wil just get started and attepmt to come up with 50 facts about myself. I tag you all to do it and leave a link when you have so I can check them all out :)
1. I want to be a psychologist
2. I really want to have my own cupcake shop, it would be so cool :)
3. I am waiting on provisional so I can learn to drive, I will worn you all before I go on the road!
4. I love the color pink
5. I hate bullies and mean people
6. I can't lie, it makes me feel so terrible.
7. I love CSI and NCIS and Body of proof
8. I watch Eastenders religiously
9. My dream job would be to be a singer
10. My favorite food is lasagna
11. I am allergic to long haired animals (unless on my hay fever tablets)
12. I can't live without music
13. My room is constantly messy!
14. I am a dress size 14-16 (uk)
15. I am a shoe size 6 (uk)
16. I love jewellery
17. I had meningitis twice as a baby
18. I want to go to New York
19. I love crafts
20. I take thousands of photographs!
21. I want to have kids a some point
22. I am really anti gym! I like walking and swimming but refuse to go to the gym
23. I'm addicted to Facebook and twitter
24. I've never been drunk
25. I wish I was able to bring my gran, grandad and rabbit (sootie) back to life <3 miss them so much
26. Favourite sweets are skittles
27. I'm quite on organised person even though my room is always messy
28. I can't wait to live independently, I think it will be really exciting
29. I have blue eyes
30. I only have two piercings, one in each ear
31. I have no tattoos, but I want a star
32. I'm scared of needles ( hence the no tattoo!)
33. I can ski
34. I bake the best cupcakes! If I say so myself
35. I'm Scottish
36. I'm in 6th year of high school (the last year)
37. I love vintage things
38. I started wearing makeup at 14
39. I have one sibling, a brother Callum
40. I really want a beagle (one of the only dogs not allergic to :) )
41. I hate eggs
42. Middle name is Kathryn
43. Help at my local brownie group (girl guiding group for girls aged 7-11)
44. I work on a Saturday in a bakers
45. My best friend is called Ellie <3 her
46. Favourite designers are coco channel, Prada, Stella McCartney and Gucci
47. None of my family or friends know that I blog...
48. I love having painted nails
49. Hate exams
50. Love blogging and all of you amazing shimmers that follow me on here, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin and Hello Cotton and all the other sites which are all linked over >>>>>> somewhere! <3
If you have any questions you would like to ask me just ask :)
Laura x

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