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Ramblings of a Troubled Heart

By Namalsiddiqui @namalsiddiqui

Those days I was restless I had anxious nights, sleepless nights I was scared of going to sleep, and woke up tensed and nervous As if I had just been saved from the most terrible accident As if the earth was about to engulf me and redemption was no more a possibility As if I was being followed by my own demons everywhere I went I had been looking for something all my life I had been searching in the nook and crook of my city I had been looking for it behind huge sky kissing mountains I had looked for it everywhere In a jungle of wild animals, I thought maybe I could find it between the ignorant beings, Face my fears, pull out some courage But I found it right here Within me, in my heart, I carried it everywhere with me All I had to do was look in to myself, Into my troubled heart Take a glance at my soul, and I would never take my eyes from it ever again Never set my eyes on anything else ever again. Tear out the heart of my demon from within Hold it in my hands, and wring it out dry It was me.

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