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Raising Bipolar

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Raising BipolarI subscribe to several blogs that parents write about their Bipolar children. This one hit so close to home that I had to share it. I know exactly how this Mother feels. She took the words right out of my head.
 This following paragraph she wrote and is my favorite of this entry!! I get so sick of people whether it be doctors or acquaintances who are scared to use the term Bipolar!! It's not a bad word!! Bipolar, Bipolar Bipolar!!! It's not "typical little boy" behaviours either. Deal with the word. Learn to use the word and stop dancing around the word like it's some form of vulger language!
 Dude, wtf, who the crap cares what you call it? If it makes you feel better to call it Mood Disorder NOS, go for it.   Call it ‘Der Wienerschnitzel’ if you want but let’s not mess with what’s working.   And honestly, let’s not debate what bipolar looks like in a teen.  If your child gets so hyper that they can’t attend school, can’t concentrate, make terrible decisions, engage in dangerous behavior, have no peace of mind, racing thoughts, racing speech, superhuman strength, can’t sleep, can’t relax, get delusional, get paranoid, hear things, see things, have debilitating nightmares…it’s not just a case of the ‘hypers’.  For peet’s sake.  Let’s not reinvent the wheel here.

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