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Rainbows Experiment with a Fresh Sound [Premiere]

Posted on the 14 September 2015 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

Rainbows Experiment with a Fresh Sound [Premiere]

If you’ve been looking around for some experimental electro-music, you can stop here. Paurl Walsh and Max Stein make up the duo who call themselves Rainbows. Don’t let their fresh sound fool you — they’re very experienced. They both have degrees with a focus on classical composition, Walsh owns a recording studio and Stein plays bass in up-and-coming band Wild Ones. Their intent for their EP, Let’s Kiss, was to push the limits of their own experiences and get out of their comfort zone. Self-imposed rules surrounding this project: no guitars and vocals must be distorted. Their bio states: “At it’s core, Rainbows is two professional musicians trying to recapture the grace & joy of the amateur.” In essence, this duo set aside their knowledge and standards and started experimenting and simply playing. The end result, such as the first track “Bhangra College”, is a sound that’s contemporary, imaginative and a little bit weird. It’s piqued our interest, for sure.

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