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Railex Filing Folk Tales: Xmas Special

Posted on the 13 December 2013 by Railex Filing @railexfiling

Railex Files at Christmas 2013The third installment from this series sees Railex Filing fully expressing our Christmas cheer. Feeling suitably festive, our run up to the yuletide period culminates with a visit from some familiar Christmas characters and some festive filing fun!

Cratchit quietly stooped towards the diminishing glow of the fireplace, refreshing the supply of what little coal was left thereon. He could barely move his hands because of the bitter cold, making the long list of forthcoming duties all the more difficult to complete. If he could maintain comfortable working conditions he would be able to work
easily to his quota, but he feared that his miserly superior failed to realize the concept of false economy, especially when it came to filing.

To Scrooge economising was everything; his large fortune a testament to his lifetime’s penny-pinching paradigm. While Cratchit struggled with his workload, Scrooge was busying himself in the backroom with the unforgivably slapdash system of files.
The caution with which Scrooge treated his own accounts could not be said for that of his clients; the firms filing system had been in need of an overhaul for years.
Scrooge acknowledged his colleague, briefly ending his continuous cursing and sporadic mutterings of ‘bah, humbug!’

‘I suppose you’ll be wanting tomorrow off Cratchit?’ He grumbled. Christmas did not appeal to his stingy sensibilities.

‘It is but once a year sir’ he answered, apologetically. ‘Very well’ retorted Scrooge, ‘but be here all the earlier the next morning!

Christmas came and went, with the Cratchits making rather merry in their meagre – yet joyously festive – dwellings. He entered the office the following morning, filled with dread over his obvious lateness. Mr Scrooge was already hunched at his desk.

Sitting down nervously to start his work, he gathered up a pile of official papers and took them to file. Entering the backroom, he was immediately taken aback by that which confronted him. Where there was once a confusing clutter stood an immaculate set of Railex Files.

Bemused, he returned to the office and was once again astounded. Scrooge faced him with an
uncharacteristically sincere smile on his face.
‘W … What has happened Mr Scrooge?’ enquired the Clerk, his eyes wide with astonishment.

‘I want to change Bob. You see, I recently had a profound experience’ … Scrooge looked off, wistfully, ‘well; I don’t really have time to go into it all, but it suffices to say that I honestly wish to change my ways.’

‘I want to help Bob, if you’ll let me’ he continued ‘and I have started by organising our documents properly. I have been blessed with a future vision of how Railex – The Filing Specialists – can help the organisation of our workspace, no end. Now, put some more coal on that fire!’

Bob smiled, recognising the miraculous power of the Christmas spirit. He then uttered a poignant phrase which had echoed in his head since yesterday, an expression which now seemed wholly appropriate: ‘God bless us, everyone!’

Railex (Filing) Ltd. at Christmas, 2013

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