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RAGBRAI and All the Unique People

By Eriktiger @eriktiger

Yesterday RAGBRAI rolled thought our small town. If by some chance you don’t know what that is, RAGBRAI is an annual bike ride across the state of Iowa. People come from all over the country to participate.

Our town of 4,000 swelled to over 30k as thousands of bikers.


Since the route went directly past our church, we sold slices of pie and water. We also let people cool off in our fellowship hall and use our bathrooms.

Pie and AC bathrooms is a pretty epic treat. It was 102 degrees.

We sold 100 homemade pies, by the slice in five hours.

RAGBRAI and all the unique people

The best part is watching the people and their bikes. Helmet art is pretty big. Some people had horns others had huge slices if plastic pie (i saw lemon and pumpkin) feathers were popular. Ears of corn and assorted flowers. Viking horns. One guy wore panties on the outside of his biker shorts. All were soaked sweat.

People peddling in on every type of bike. Even saw one guy with an enclosed bike that looked like a ship. People rode on inclined bike withe the peddles out in front and some even had bikes were they peddled with their hands.


They were all friendly and shared great stories. One guy, however, had the saddest story of all. We was from Chicago and said he has a daughter here in town. He wished he had thought to look her up and see her. She even has a daughter that he has never met.


All in all a fun day!

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