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Racing Towards the Finish Line

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The girls are having their Valentine's Day ice cream social in school this afternoon. It's another time we said, "This is your last...." It seems like we say that a lot lately.
They are completely ready to be out of elementary school and in Junior High. They alternate between "we're so excited" and "we're so nervous" depending upon the hour. What they consistently talk about is what Junior High will be like. Will there be a lot of homework? Will the kids from the other school be nice? (Two local elementary schools combine in our Junior High.) Will they keep their same friends? Will they make new friends?
It's an interesting time for the girls. Every event at their elementary school is bittersweet. They are looking forward to their ice cream social today and processing the fact that it's their last one. In between, they are enjoying their last few elementary school days as they count down to Junior High School.

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