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Race with Gadgets..........generation Tech

By Alka Narula @narulaalka
Blows up - Click image to download. I started off my warm up in GX(group exercise classes like muai thai combat etc held et my gym) Class ,when suddenly i turned towards my daughter and asked her to join me ,a little apprehensive but she paired up with me and skipping became a fun game for both of us while
others watched in dismay.I often go back in my child hood when growing up was so natural,we did not have any gadgets or machines to work on.Playing around on the streets,climbing up the trees,hide and seek ,was all  fun.But we have entered an era of machines  and the new tech savy generation is  totally dependent on machines.Children are no more seen playing in the colonies but yes they are certainly found working out on machines in gym ,their fav games r either play stations , mobile phones or internet.I call it GENERATION TECH which is a result of nuclear family system coupled with race for never ending desires for materials.Theres no contentment ,parents want to earn more and more to afford luxuries as a result children are rewarded with machines to keep thmselves busy. Hit and Run cases are often heard of now a days and most recently Famous Cricketer Azzharudins son was killed by speed ,which probably has become a norm these days.
You turn around and see ppl moving their lips while no one arnd , typing on an ipad and smiling by self ...walking on a tredmill unaware of whos on the nxt machine......Are we not surrounded by madness around??

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