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Ra-ndom Thoughts : ... and the Leader of Our Company, Thorin Oakenshield.

By Mariagrazia @SMaryG
I haven't written much about "The Hobbit" on Fly High!, have I? I haven't written much about Richard Armitage recently, either.  Who knows me pretty well also knows nothing has changed in my interests and Mr Armitage can still count on my complete,  loyal support for what it counts. As I promised, to myself more than to others, I only wanted to write about "my one weakness" when I actually had something to say. So here I am, at last. And on a very special day. His Thorin Oakenshield has been  introduced to the world, in action and in an official presentation of the movie: the first trailer of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" has been released today.
I've read a great deal  of enthusiastic comments all over the Net, facebook is overcrowded with links to the Utube video,  and  twitter has gone trending #hobbittrailer all day long. Many Hobbit fans - and lots of RA fans among them- woke up in the middle of the  night to wait and see the longed-for Christmas gift from Peter Jackson as soon as it was online. What I want to contribute is only my personal reaction to today's news. Nothing special, I mean.
RA-NDOM THOUGHTS : ... AND THE LEADER OF OUR COMPANY, THORIN OAKENSHIELD.When yesterday I read it would be 4 a.m. in Italy by the time the trailer was up, I decided I would  "have it for breakfast". I usually get up at 6.30 to have a shower, breakfast and some time to answer mail before being at school at 8.00 ready for my first lesson at 8.10. But this morning something strange and unexpected - like the hobbit's and his company of dwarves' journey - happened to me (someone must be plotting against my interest for "The Hobbit" ... Gollum?):to  my alarm-clock didn't go off. 
RA-NDOM THOUGHTS : ... AND THE LEADER OF OUR COMPANY, THORIN OAKENSHIELD.OMG! I woke up just half an hour before my first lesson started !!! Can you imagine? As funny as Bilbo Baggins hurrying all over, I tried to have a shower and get dressed in record time. No breakfast, of course. Nor the dreamt for trailer, nor my usual cappuccino.
Did I get to school in time? Perfectly on time, actually, thanks for your concern, but ... I don't know why I was really distracted most of  the time. I saw dwarves everywhere: while reading Gaskell's "Mary Barton" in one  class, introducing the Victorian Compromise and British Imperialism in another one, teaching conditionals in the last one. Mmm ... I don't particularly like dwarves and fantasy stories, but my curiosity to see a certain dwarf leader in action was growing minute by minute.  I'm sure my students noticed a certaing anxiety and absent - mindedness this morning 'cause they were particularly distracted themselves. Or was it the almost-Christmas atmosphere in the air?
RA-NDOM THOUGHTS : ... AND THE LEADER OF OUR COMPANY, THORIN OAKENSHIELD.Fact is, I had a hard time to get to the end,  but held on and made it. Last working day before the holidays: "Good-bye! Enjoy your holidays! Hugs and kisses. Yes, I'm a bit in a hurry and ..." At last, I was at home and I could  turn on my lap ... look for the trailer ... and ... "have it for lunch"!
Favourite moments 
RA-NDOM THOUGHTS : ... AND THE LEADER OF OUR COMPANY, THORIN OAKENSHIELD.1. Gandalf introduces the company of dwarves to Bilbo : " ... and this is our leader, Thorin Oakenshield".
2. Thorin sings with an intense expression, a  melancholic look and a hypnotizing voice : "Far over the misty mountains cold, to dungeons deep and caverns old" . All the dwarves join him in the chant...3. Thorin whispers to Gandalf in a vibrating voice:  "I cannot guarantee his safety..." Gandalf answers: "Understood"Thorin: goes on  "... nor will I be responsible for his fate"
Sharing the joy
I swear I tried to,  but  I wasn't that successful. I started with my elder son, who is fond of The Lord of the Rings  films,  so I wanted to surprise him with this trailer. "Too late, Mum. Already seen it on facebook".  He almost shouts,  nodding at the rhythm of the music he goes on listening in his headphones. Has he really understood what I said? How could he hear me?RA-NDOM THOUGHTS : ... AND THE LEADER OF OUR COMPANY, THORIN OAKENSHIELD.My husband, my only hope. He always asks me: "What news?" when he is back home from work and usually listens to anything I've got to say
This evening he does the same,  while we work together in the kitchen to make dinner ready for the four of us. I was particularly proud to announce him the release of the Hobbit trailer. He tried to show some genuine interest - I don't think he pretended, he must have been really curious - and asked me to show it to him. He watched carefully and silently till RA/Thorin makes his appearance: Then he starts shaking his head. "What?" , I ask, "What's the matter?" And he: "His make-up"And I: "Thorin's make-up"?And he: "Yes, Richard's"And I, expecting a joke, "Go on. Say it!"And he: "He's got the worst make-up among the dwarves"And I: "But why?"And he, seriously, "He is still too handsome!" Well, maybe he is right.Watch the trailer

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