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“Quote” Yourself (poll)

Posted on the 29 August 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Sometimes you have to save the best for last. After a few weeks of tightening our belts in the quotes department, True Blood’s finale “Save Yourself” gave us so many new yummy Eric and Sookie lines… we may make it a few months into the hiatus without experiencing too much withdrawal symptoms because we are repeating them so much.

I myself have already been using variations of “Swear on Godric” a few times during the past few days.

But before we go off into the abyss of the 9 month drought, its time to get our vote on for 1 more qualifying round before our battle of the quotes.

“Quote” Yourself (poll)

Are you ready to let us know which quote will let you #saveyourself from withdrawal symptoms?


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This poll will be open through 9/5


“Quote” Yourself (poll)

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