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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I am sorry to say, he [Gideon Saar] did not vote for me [in the Likud primaries] and I did not vote for him. I said on the broadcast the day after the primaries that I had voted for him for the elections. Sometimes you are allowed to say things just for unity in the Likud. He also knows that he did not vote for me nor I for him. Unity of the Likud was more important in my eyes than if I had voted for Gideon Saar or not. Gideon Saar is a Member of Knesset. He was a minister and will be a minister, but we are all needed for unity of the Likud. 
  -- Minister Miri Regev
So, did Regev really vote for Saar in the primaries ad is now only saying she had not because now Saar is back on Netanyahu's bad side (as he was before the primaries), or did she really not vote for him, as she is saying now, and only said so then for unity purposes?
I don't think it matters or that anyone actually cares. Not everyone voted for everyone, and she had every right to vote for Saar or to not vote for Saar. Life goes on either way. A big deal is being made out of nothing
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