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Quitting Smoking Is Like Conquering The Everest And These Smokers Led By Milind Soman Have Attempted It

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Quitting Smoking Is Like Conquering The Everest And These Smokers Led By Milind Soman Have Attempted It

The hottest 52 years old is all set to soar the temperatures of your screens. The Milind Soman reality show will be an adventurous based series I Can, You Can. It is an anti-smoking adventurous show. This web reality series will revolve around the issues of smoking. and it will feature both smoking and non-smoking contestants.

It doesn't take long for an occasional habit to turn into an addiction. Take smoking, for example. for smokers, who decide to quit smoking they know how difficult it is like a mountain to climb. Call it your personal Everest, if you will.

The idea of this Milind Soman reality show was to enable these smokers to surmount Everest. The contestants will be treading the Mt.Everest in pairs. Out of which one will be a smoker and other, an ex-smoker. The journey will have the non-smoker motivating his active smoker participant to quit the habit. It will involve a lot of physical intelligence, strength, and willpower.

Although we have seen many adventure related reality shows, this would be the first time Milind Soman reality show will showcase something as important as smoking as their core content. It's a very special show as it will definitely wake up a lot of people on how much smoking affects their bodies.

Soman was reportedly chosen as the host because he decided to quit smoking to focus on his fitness. Initially, for the contestants, there was nervousness, anxiety, doubts and yes, of course, the fear of failure. But it was time to buck up and move up.

Initial Days were fun for the contestants but now it was the time for the harsh reality to set in. Thinning air coupled with exhausting climbing was giving the contestants a really tough time. The real test was to overcome them all and keep moving. The closer they were going to their destination, the harder it was for them to keep going.

And now it is finally time to see the culmination of all their efforts, the end of the journey is in the sight and the end is around the corner. The grand finale of the epic adventure show I Can, You Can is within the touching distance.

You can hop on to watch the series here- I Can You Can !


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