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Quiet Please

By Thebangtoddowenwaldorf @BangLiving

Quiet Please

Okay, let’s talk about comments.  “Hey Todd, I read that story about Gateway Retreat while you were in Brisbane.” says some guy that I just made up in my head but is useful because it is going to validate this topic.  Apparently a load of people read the blog.  Maybe not a big, or medium, but more than I thought.  I had no idea.  Do you know why?  Yep.  Comments.  So I’m talking to Greg and I’m like how would I know, no one leaves any comments?  Sure I can use this tracker tool that shows me the traffic of the website but I’m not so concerned with it to do that.  “Ya I know, what’s up with that?” said Greg.  I don’t know.  I just don’t know.

Feel guilty yet?

Let’s turn it around.  Let’s un-guilt that feeling.  Surprise.  Let’s have some fun.  Let’s ask ourselves why.  Leaving comments on any type of social media is expected these days ya?  Oh wait, a quick disclaimer.  I have no idea what I’m talking about.  I just have these random thoughts and this is one of them.  A comment is sort of like giving flowers.  It’s an unselfish little note that says hey, you are worth a few tenths of a second of my time.  I care.  Now, flowers are fun because they aren’t expected.  When we expect the flowers, say we get them all the time, are they still fun?  Check this out.  If you receive flowers all of the time and then suddenly stop receiving flowers, you might be a little bummed or disappointed.  What the crap is that?  Okay wait, let me get this right.  So if I don’t give you flowers you are now sad?  How did this happen?  Let’s analyze.  You give flowers and it makes someone feel great.  You give them again real soon.  Still feels great.  Again, and again.  Okay feeling pretty good.  Yep, this person thinks I’m alright.  Bam.  Stop.  No flowers.  What did I do?  You suck.  Well you feel that way anyway because you didn’t receive your daily dose of dying flora.  It became expected.  Now all of a sudden because you gave flowers in the first place you have hurt someones feelings?!





So comments.  Cheaper than flowers.  Let’s look at Facebook.  Oh Facebooks’ days are numbered by the way so sell your stock.  You heard it here first.  Let’s talk in a few years about how I was right.  Okay anyway, Facebook.  Why do we book the face?  I personally have some ideas.  I think we need reassurance.  Acceptance.  If I buy a coffee and it is the last coffee on earth, go me.  Now if I buy the last coffee on earth and I put it on Facebook, suddenly I’m famous (and hated… and will most likely be hunted and killed).   So here I am wondering why no one is leaving me any comments, but you know what, that is just some sort of self centered selfishness in there somewhere going “Hey guys, I write this stuff.  Do you accept me or think it is any good?”  Well it’s not.  So get over it.  If I’m writing for the intrinsic purpose of writing, which to me should be a genuine self-expression, than why do I need affirmation?  I don’t.  It is an insecurity.

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