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Quick Harvesting, Long, Slow Loading

By Sue15cat
Quick Harvesting, Long, Slow Loading
The harvesting is coming thick and fast at the moment, unlike the computer which is going long and slow ... these three photos just took 35 minutes to download, it's because I am posting from my little laptop at the moment while our office computer is in to have all it's stored information loaded onto our new computer system. I guess that's the downside to only usually blogging in comfort from my desk and on our office computer.   I didn't realize until I came to use it for this but my small laptop is still running on Windows 8, which is now an unsupported system so I am going to have  to upgrade as it makes sense to have them all running on the same programme.  At least that way I'm not having to adapt each time I use a different computer ... and maybe this will perform a bit better after an upgrade.    Quick Harvesting, Long, Slow Loading   So I think it's fair to say that for the next two weeks you are not going to get more than one photo a day ... sorry!!
Quick Harvesting, Long, Slow Loading   Out on the Veggie Patch the sudden cold nights are having a detrimental effect on the outdoor courgette plants so I have been harvesting them as quickly as they get to a half decent size and having grating sessions.  The grated and squeezed out courgettes are then put into flat ziplock bags and will be great for using in soups, casseroles etc. over the Winter months.  Freezing them flat like this takes up  less space in the freezer as they stack so nicely and it also means that if I only need a smaller amount  I can snap off just part of the pack.   It's time to step away from the computer now and take the dogs out for a walk, a bit of fresh air after a frustrating computer session is exactly what is needed.   Sue xx

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