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Quick, Cheap and Easy "Details"

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
Badass Knobs and Finials are on the agenda here today.
I am working on a lamp project (not done yet, coming soon) and I had to hit the hardware store this morning. While browsing lamp fittings I discovered a few parts that would work to make lamp finials out of.  I grabbed a few and came home to experiment.
Quick, Cheap and Easy (That is the part I used in front)
I gathered some pretty trinkets I had.. everything from Christmas ornaments to old jewelry pieces to rocks and started attaching with crazy glue and epoxy...
Quick, Cheap and Easy  My favorite is the piece of seaglass from a bottle bottom... Quick, Cheap and Easy
This is what you need to look for at the hardware store: Quick, Cheap and Easy  Bring a current finial to match up the thread sizes. I found had two different sizes on my lamps.  You can also buy pieces that insert inside a larger fitting to make it smaller.   (Good old fashioned hardware stores rock because there is always someone there to help you figure out what you need.)
 And another quick mini detail that takes minutes and barely any $$$ is taking plain old knobs and making them all badass. Quick, Cheap and Easy
Plain Jane knob (it is on a screw attachment because it goes right into the wall)... Quick, Cheap and Easy  Sprayed it gloss black (my poor yard is so abused by me)... Quick, Cheap and Easy  and then I splashed it with some Krylon Gold Paint Pen (LOVE these!).... Quick, Cheap and Easy  I just held the the pen tip down until it got very saturated, and flicked.
The end result.  These are going in my new pink office soon: Quick, Cheap and Easy

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