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Quick Catch up

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Finished school today whoop whoop!! Now just have to get ready for Florida... Few last bits and bobs like toluetried sun lotion the usual being purchased. Clothes are beginning to be laid out and things like books, iPods etc being sorted. Also on holiday I do tend to read a lot so I was wondering if you would like some book review when I get back? Just a suggestion to try and add different aspect of me to my blog but if you don't want them then there is not really much point in me doing them so you thoughts would be appreciated :) Also a lot of people have been asking when I go to Florida.. I don't really want to say in advance I feel really weird knowing that people know what I'm doing on this day at this time but when I arrive in Florida/ Orlando ( what should I call it?) I will be sure to tell you on this blog or on my twitter page @shimmerofpink .
I hope you are doing something lovely in the holidays let me know what your getting upto (cause I'm nosy!!)
July Q&A; month isn't long away so get those questions in my friends xx

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