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Quick and Easy Relaxation Techniques

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


Quick and Easy Relaxation Techniques

It would be really great if we could all take an hour yoga class every morning and then spend the first few moments after we get home from work in deep mediation to clear our minds of the problems of the day.  My day doesn’t exactly go like that and I doubt if yours does, either.  But even if you have a 6:15 car pool to catch in the morning and hungry kids crawling all over you when you walk in the door at night, you still can find some moments of peace to ease the stress.

Be Thankful

The very first thing everyone should do is find the things that they can be thankful about.  The house is a wreck and you don’t have time to clean? Be thankful you have a roof over your head.  The kids’ yelling is giving you a headache?  How many women do you know who can’t have children, though they would love to?  Hubby is parked in front of a football game on a beautiful day? Think about all the lonely people out there with no one to share their lives with.

Find the Moment

It amazes me that America is said to be so busy and under stress, and yet we watch over 25 hours of TV a week, TV that by its frantic, noisy nature is even more stress inducing.  Walk away from the TV, find a peaceful place in your home or yard to sit and enjoy a moment of peace and quiet. Invite your family to do the same.  Talk, share your day, it’s called relaxation.


An octogenarian once said “I’m fine, as long as I keep reminding myself to breathe.”  We all breathe, but deep conscious breathing is one of the best stress relievers there is.  Stuck in traffic?  Inhale deeply, feeling the air course through your throat and lungs.  Hold that precious gift of oxygen in your lungs for a moment and then release it gently.  It may seem hard to believe, but you will instantly reduce the stress that your body is feeling.  Practice deep breathing throughout the day for instant stress relief.

Practice Yoga, Pilates and Meditation

Are you crazy, I barely have time to read the paper , much less practice yoga, Pilates or mediation, you say.  As much as they have been commercialized, these practices are not gym classes or TV shows but ways of life.  You can fit in a few stretches after dinner when the kids are doing homework, or before bed.  It is more a question of being in a certain mindset, which is the real secret to eastern spiritualism.  You can even find a moment to close your eyes and block out the world, even if you have to lock the bathroom door to do it.

Life is made up of small units, and if you make as many of those small units into peaceful ones as you can, you will find peace and relaxation.

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