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Question: I Can Feel My Twin Flame… How Deep is Your Connection?

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

117151129-telepathy_385389cDear, Lois and Clark


Friend:  You two are the only others I have found describing the shared heartbeat.

I too feel this with my twin and was wondering if u have any more info on this. My twin and I are on opposite coasts and have known each other since childhood. We have both moved all over the country since then and see each other every so many years. The last two years we really made a go of it and saw each other every few months.

He recently met someone and I have been guided to let him go. I have been working really hard on my path and healing. Any advice on letting go when u feel every thought and physical sensation from your twin? You guys are probably the only ones who understand this. I told him I would be happy for him no matter what! But what a test it is to feel him intimate with someone else. Thanks for sharing with your blog!


Clark: The endured shared energy of twins my friend.. Is something that awakens and gets stronger over this moment of awakening.. As a man I didn’t make the connection to the feelings inside of myself to the connection.  I had false beliefs it was my own energy..  Then when she got pregnant.. that was something I felt inside when the conception happened I told her before she knew.. and when the child was felt within her.. I made the connection based on something that broke through inside of me my own heartbeat, hers and her child that was conceived.  I didn’t know what a twin flame was, and I didn’t believe in it..  The soul mate connection was something I felt and knew but also knew many existed,  The more I wanted to just find a ultimate soul mate the more I realized what she gave me no one could.. She accepted me and what I was waiting for what was the abandonment, here is what made the truth more evident.. I was waiting for her to do what I was already doing to myself.  (ABANDONMENT)  She was there, as I was with another, and another, thinking that something else was pulling me.. What was pulling me my friend was my own awakening within me.  She kept accepting me, and listening, and still talking to me.. The more she listened, the more I would hear something inside myself.  My sex drive went through the roof..  And it kept me bothered that she could feel this when she told me.. and I was wondering if I could feel the same..  My friend this was the most painful experience of what became my truth..   She would point this out.. her heart would hurt like a dagger would be going through it.. I didn’t understand the concept and felt she was stalking me or hacking my phone or computer…  yet, the energy although sexual it was like a calling to her through me.. She endured it and then forgave me.. she didn’t hide that she could feel it…  Then a few times I would have chest pains myself.. I felt it was anxiety or heart issues and even went and got medical attention.. again, nothing found.. but this continued…  I finally told her about these feelings.. and she told me I feel the same thing when you are with someone else sexually…. Talk about feeling a truth…  This pain didn’t get weaker with time after I became more aware of what it was… visual images ensued.. It became more and more painful and more powerful so did my acceptance of love without conditions inside myself…   I then surrendered and realized I just couldn’t be with someone else… This was from inside me.. the changes in me, because more of truth than the lie of what I was doing and doing it to…


I loved this person I was with for a very long time,  I had to hurt this person I was giving all this energy to from my soul which they tried repeatedly to return.. I couldn’t forgive myself.. yet I knew I had to tell her the truth then forgive myself..  I did love this soul mate more than any other.. she was compatible with me in a way that I hadn’t had.. but she was not my twin it was not vibrational nor did it speak to me inside of myself.. and I owed it to her to be of the truth to let her go.. I knew it would hurt her in a place that was deep.. We shared a very strong connection.


My friend… The more you accept this about him, the more the pull will come to him to feel it as well.  If you aren’t telling him you can feel him when he is with someone else.. You are not trying to share the truth with him.. This is inside you… remember this effect of twins is a mirror… if you look in a mirror the illusion of what you don’t see is what you don’t make known in the mirror this carries a heavy awakening concealed within it to what you are inside…. It is physically painful.. and the more you tell him you can see him in the light, the darkness in him will now have to be seen by himself.  In other words he can’t say he loves you and knows that you are his twin, and then lie to someone and be with them as well, that is not a truth you can sleep at night, without being taken to a dark place that will show you the light..  He will have to go through this to see inside of himself.. trying to break him of this is not your responsibility but to be the truth to yourself is.. This is how I was awakened.. The truth sets you free, no matter how painful, no matter the casualties, the truth has unconditional love and deep forgiveness inside of it…


One more thing, after a night filled with passion shared with my soul mate.. a text on my phone said I felt that all night..  It was painful but I endured and I still love you deeply..  Our connection is immortal…  After reading this.. I heard the song my immortal play in my head all day..  when I asked her about it.. that is what she was listening to when she sent the message… I felt her tears inside me.. I cried.. I knew what I was supposed to do.. but my friend it took something very painful in my life to gravitate to the change I was birthing..  Everything shared is the awakening…  Even if it’s fear and deep pain.


I am not sure if this has helped you.. Did it?


Friend: Wow I could feel how u genuinely

described your experience. Thank u for responding I appreciate it big time!!

This helps because it gives me insight into what it might be like on the other end. I do text him when I feel his heart beat race and he admits that I can feel him. I think it freaks him out a bit yet makes him curious at the same time.

I backed off for awhile but felt him really sad this week so emailed him if he was ok, first email of that kind since he met someone in feb., which I dreamed about prior to it happening and told him I would miss him. He responded that his uncle died and shared some details of his life. It felt nice to share with him as friends and could feel him happy to connect with me. But then I felt him feel confused.

Your words give me strength that he will understand one day. Thank u!  Also our twin merging was insane we became one soul and went into another dimension. It freaked him out because he dose not understand the spirit world. We are so telepathic that is sounds like it was said out loud not in the head I have to check to see if his mouth is moving sometimes. No private thoughts at all. Thanx friend!!


Clark: That dimension is there it is up to you to go inside yourself and bring that into your being… Its powerful beyond the imagination..  ;) It can become your reality! As things heal in you that you need to do for yourself with the unconditional love you can give yourself the voice that has always been there emerges…


Love deeply.. and heal my friend!




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