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Quality At-bats = Better Stats

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard
In the game of baseball, pitchers will always have the advantage over hitters.  It can be frustrating but that’s how the game works.  When I played, what frustrated me the most was when I got myself out.  By that I mean there was an error in my approach to the at-bat that had a greater impact on me making an out than anything the pitcher did.  Over the course of a few weeks one season, I decided to keep a record of how many times the pitcher got me out as opposed to how many times I got myself out.  First of all, here are some of the ways I distinguish between the two:Quality at-bats = better statsWhat I realized was somewhat depressing.  The amount of times I was largely getting myself out was very high.  My guess is that the majority of hitters would feel the same way if they stopped to analyze their own at-bats.    My playing career is over but if you still have one ahead of you and want a quick way to improve your offensive numbers, start by increasing your “quality at-bats.”  Basically, force the pitcher to get you out.  If you do, you will not have to worry about your numbers.  They will take care of themselves.    

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