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Quaker Quotes

By Andrewtix

Several years ago, a student of mine shared with me an online survey to determine my religion: the “belief-o-matic.” According to my results, I apparently am “Orthodox Quaker.” This piqued my interest, especially since I knew nothing about Quakers and had never attended a Quaker meeting!

Quaker Quotes

Recently, I started doing some reading about Quakerism. One element of this tradition that I love is the emphasis on quotations. There are some really lovely quotes I’ve found in Quaker tradition, but – following the Quaker testimony of simplicity – I’ll only share a few here. From this tradition, quotes are not merely nice little axioms; rather, they are intended to be prompts for contemplation. Most of these I found through two books, both by Catherine Whitmire.

“So here is my little nugget of gospel truth for you to take home.
The truth is not that it is going to be alright.
the truth is, it already is.” (Fredric Evans)

“May we look upon our treasure, the furniture of our houses, and our garments, and try to discover whether the seeds of war have nourishment in these our possessions.” (John Woolman, 1774)

“Families are the primary agents of social change in any society.” (Elise Boulding).

“Real values are not learned.
They form…
They cannot be imposed.” (Alfred LaMotte)

“May you learn to understand
the significance of the faith
you profess.” (Marion Sanders)

“Let your life speak.” (George Fox, 1652)

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