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PZL-Mielec LIM-5 (MiG-17F) “Fresco-C”

By Htam

2019_TAM_6068_D500.jpg@ Camarillo, CA

August 2019

Jason Somes brings his beautiful Polish built MiG-17 past show center at the Wings Over Camarillo airshow.  This aircraft was previously a fan favorite on the airshow circuit wearing Red Bull colors.  First flown in 1950, the MiG-17 was an advanced development of the very similar looking MiG-15. More than 10,600 have been produced and some are reportedly still in service with the Ugandan Air Force. In 1955, Poland received a license for MiG-17 production, building them in the WSK-Mielec factory under the designations Lim-5 (an abbreviation of licencyjny myśliwiec – license-built fighter).  Nikon D500 w/Tamron 150-600mm.

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