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Putting the Garden to Bed

By David Marsden @anxiousgardener

I haven’t posted much recently or visited many blogs.  One reason is bone-idleness.  Another, that I needed a break from all things blogging.  And a third was because I wrote an article for 

When I was 10, I had a letter published in the comic, ‘Donald and Mickey‘.  Hardly a great claim to fame but hey, it was ‘Star Letter of the Week’ and I won a Polaroid camera.  My mother was very, very proud.  (A few months later, they also published a joke I’d submitted but now I’m boasting).   And that is about the full extent of my published work.

Here then is my first since about 1973.

Putting the Garden to Bed

And with that, I’m off to Amsterdam for a few days.  See you soon.

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