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Put It on the Blog

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The girls have always known that I write a blog about them. They haven't read it yet, but they know it exists. What I find so entertaining now is that the girls encourage me to write stories on the blog.
When something silly or stupid or crazy happens, one of them will say, "You need to put this on the blog." Sometimes they will look in horror and say, "You are not putting this on the blog are you?"
It's hysterical to me. When I started the blog I didn't really think about how they would react when they knew it existed. They've always known about the blog so they just think about it like they think about their photo albums. Now they want to make sure I write the correct things on the blog.
If the blog were a newspaper column, the girls would be my assignment desk. They love it because they are part of the process, not just the best stories. Of course, some day they will read these stories and I hope they still love it then.

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