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Puppy Barking

By Dogercise

Puppy BarkingPuppy barking needs to be nipped in the bud gently.  We don’t want to damage your relationship with your dog before it begins, but you need to make it known that excess barking is unwanted.  Making an odd sound, or clapping your hands, or even a light poke with your fingers in his side can distract him enough to stop.  But you must remember with a puppy there will be a lot of repetition, so whatever method you use, be prepared to us it over and over.  Consistency is key!

Do not give any positive attention to puppies that whine.  You may think you are comforting them, but you are actually encouraging the behavior.  Puppy thinks, “Great, when I whine, I get attention!”  When they are whining in their crates at night, you must tough it out.  Yelling does no good even though I know you want to.  By yelling you are still giving the puppy the attention he wants.

Try putting a blanket over the crate to lessen distractions and light. Try to make it feel more like a den to him.  After all, he probably just left a family of other dogs and isn’t used to it yet.  But he will come to love his den/crate if done right.  Never let him out when he’s whining or over excited (goes for all dogs).  Just sit in front of his crate, calm and assertive.  Let him come out when he is calm and quiet.  Treats are good to use here too.  I always put treats in my pups den/crate.  It is a comforting place for them.  If that doesn’t work, put the crate next to the bed, and slowly wean the dog into another room.  Just don’t break down and let him in the bed!  Stay strong!

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