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PUPA: PUPA SPRING 2013 Makeup Collection

By Makeuptemple @makeuptemple

 PUPA SPRING 2013 Makeup Collection
Italian professional makeup brand PUPA 2013 launched the "powder Waterfront retro limited edition makeup, eye makeup to the classic" khaki "with" sweetheart pink "," bright green "painted under the liner, perfect to create a spring makeup translucent fresh sense, hue contrast, showing the elegance of the self-confidence will be girls, full of spring colors with the same series refers to the color and lip gloss, cheeks the foil rosy shy, permeated with a the leisure comfortable but both elegant resort atmosphere.
PUPA SPRING 2013 Makeup Collection
PUPA brand background from Milan, Italy, with its understanding of the technology, the mastery of the popular, amazing development speed and creative design to meet the demand woman apartment "makeup" music. PUPA "enthusiasm, vitality," the spirit of the brand logo, a symbol of Italian red. Today, PUPA across international marketing more than eighty countries around the world, branched out into maintenance, makeup and Body Series product line.

Pink the Waterfront retro mercerized eye shadow limited edition Satin-Finish Baked Eyeshadow

PUPA SPRING 2013 Makeup Collection
cream meticulous and the silky scones eye shadow, to create obedient texture by baking technology, but also exudes color rendering and high naturally shiny eye shadow.
The new four-color, the use of eye shadow brush dampened with eye shadow to create a sense of natural makeup, eye shadow brush moistened use to create another distinct deep makeup.

  • #201 the sweetheart pink
  • #403 charm khaki
  • #501 charming apricot
  • #602 dazzling green

Pink the Waterfront retro eyeliner Limited Edition Fluid long lasting Eyeliner

PUPA SPRING 2013 Makeup Collection

Using the latest anti-blooming technology allows eyeliner all day is not blooming fade, while adding the the pearl glitter with a unique ability to write, jiggle the bottle before use, containing ball evenly mixed pearl glitter, easily depict uniform and detailed, more vivid color and smooth sexy eyeliner.

  • #001 Shensui Brown 
  • #002 dazzling green

Ultra Brilliant Lipstick

PUPA SPRING 2013 Makeup Collection

add the full 4-color the grain frozen hydrated factor ", the build-up of lipstick and lip gloss characteristics, showing the saturated color of lipstick and lip gloss shiny gloss the lips reveal fascinating charm.

  • 105 charming apricot 
  • 205 peach roses 
  • 305 Sweetheart powder 
  • 306 dazzling pink


The powder three color blush 

PUPA SPRING 2013 Makeup Collection

brightly, trimming a box to get Fenju peach color with red roses, with ivory, the monochromatic use also multicolor mixed brush, build smarter and blush dual function, as if under the warm sun of the natural skin brings good color, while adding face Ministry of layering!

Powder Waterfront retro constant color nail polish limited edition Glossy Nail Polish

PUPA: PUPA SPRING 2013 Makeup Collection

brush head valuables good to use, compact design is easy to carry! New (4) full of colorful candy colors, saturated color sense and not easily fade, to create a distinctive atmosphere of spring!
#516 charming the apricot  #15 Sweetheart powder  #515 lovely orange  #110 wild white

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