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Punny Girl

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
At our house we talk about the debris field left when the blond twin finishes eating. We see the same thing at the dining room table that we see at the breakfast bar. Recently I looked at her seat on the red coach at her desk. I knew immediately where she had been sitting. The debris field created an outline of her seat.
At breakfast she created a huge debris field after eating toast. And, by toast I mean a single slice of toast. It was an impressive display that made me wonder if she received any nutrition from her toast.
The blond twin saw me staring at the debris field and said, "Hey Mom, guess what? If you collected all my crumbs you could make crumb brulee. And, you know how much you like crumb brulee!"
Both girls started laughing before trying to come up with other puns. Some of the puns were pretty good, but the blond twin was right. I do adore crumb bruleee.

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