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Public Service Announcement: How to Produce Brand Names

By Eula @omgaeula
I was looking up reviews for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette, trying to curb my lemming for the $58 USD finishing powder palette. One video compared it to one of the Guerlain Meteorites and while the review was great, the vlogger kept pronouncing it as "gur-lain." NO NO NO. It's a pet peeve of mine when people mispronounce brand names; it takes away from their credibility. The most common victims I see on YouTube are Clarins, Guerlain, and Le Métier de Beauté. So if you've ever been tongue-tied by brands such as Cle de Peau, Prêt à Papier, Nuxe, Terre Saharienne -- do yourself a favor and watch this very informative and entertaining playlist! (Ironically, this girl mispronounces the word "pronunciation.")

Oh, and about that palette. I found the most compelling reason not to get it: shade match. The powders are marketed as "universally flattering," but as we universally know, that is rarely true. Whenever I have doubts about a shade I find as many blog and video reviews as I can by people with the same skin tone -- Asians/medium/yellow undertone. Based on these reviews, the most flattering Ambient Lighting shades would be Mood Light and Diffused Light -- none of which are in the Palette. The shades are that in the Palette (Dim Light, Incandescent Light, and Radiant Light) seem to flatter more Caucasian tones. As much as I love palettes, when they come with this hefty a price tag I'll go for picking up singles that suit me over pre-selected shades. You know what would be excellent? If you could make your own custom Ambient Lighting palette! I would pick that up IN A HEARTBEAT.
The palette is sold out at Sephora but is still available at Hourglass, Barneys NY, and SpaceNK.

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