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Pin It Pinas: Revitalizing Pinterest in the Philippines

By Eula @omgaeula

Pin it Pinas: Revitalizing Pinterest in the Philippines

Be honest, who hasn't heard of Pinterest? You see something pretty, you see other pretty things related to pretty thing #1, you want to see all the pretty things side by side, you create a Pinterest board BOOM mission accomplished.

At heart, Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool. But it extends its functionality beyond that of its predecessors and We Heart It by utilizing boards. Every member is essentially a content curator, now doesn't that make you feel special.

Billions of pins, limitless possibilities

I don't have to tell you how limitless the possibilities are. You have your standard craft/DIY, recipe, and home decor boards. Then you can move on to the specifics. I've made inspiration boards for parties, for travel plans, for scrapbook layouts. I've seen prepper boards and boards dedicated to elevators.

My best uses for Pinterest

I make the most use out of Pinterest in layout and blog design. My most visited board is Blogging Tools and Inspiration, which is kind of my resource dump for blog template inspiration, photo layout composition, and other blog bling.

My most popular board would have to be the (big surpise) DIY / Crafty. I adore working with paper so there's a lot of that in there, along with some macaroni and ribbon, lol.

I do wish they allowed cross-referencing though. As it stands, if I want a pin on both my "DIY" board and my "Events" board, I have to pin the photo twice.


Pin it Pinas: Revitalizing Pinterest in the Philippines

Pinterest is kicking off their first effort to build the community in the Philippines, so watch out for more bloggers showcasing their favorite boards! Feel free to follow along with their growth on Twitter @PinterestPH.

And if you're not on Pinterest yet, join me by using this limited-time invite link!

How do you use Pinterest? What are your favorite boards?

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